If you have a pull out shelving business please take a moment to view this new bracket. As you know, most of our business is in standard base cabinets, installing two shelves. This bracket is assembled quickly (less than 10 minutes) in the comfort of your home or shop, and installs on the jobsite even quicker (less than 10 minutes). I guarantee you once you have used this bracket you will never install pull out shelving any other way. Please take a minute to watch this video.


This video below will show you how to assemble these brackets. As you will see, they will assemble in about 10 minutes for a double drawer box application which is a large part of our business. Once you begin using these you will get your actual installation time down to about 10 minutes per cabinet. What is your time worth?


Installation products

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Florida Shelving Solutions distribution is a growing part of our business, founded on the need for better installation products at a competitive price. Our products are all locally manufactured to assure the best quality possible. We are constantly striving to improve our products and looking for new ideas. If you have a need for a particular product or application we do not offer, please let us know. We sell our distribution products to wholesale installers only and require a tax resale certificate  prior to any and all purchases. If this is you, please click on the account link to download the set up forms or contact our office to set up an account. You may reach me at 941-448-4100 or at solarmike@verizon.net.

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